1. General

This page gives you a list of all saved contacts that will receive Health Check errors, warnings and recovery messages. We will call a Health Check HC for the rest of this document.

2. Create Contact Form

This form has 4 Fields. 

  • Type: Type of contact. 
    • Email
    • Sms
    • WhatsApp
    • Slack
  • Name: Name of this contact
  • To: Represents different value based on the type.
    • Email: Email address of this contact
    • Sms: Phone number of this contact
    • WhatsApp: Phone number of this contact
    • Slack: Slack App WebHook address
  • Status: Status of this contact. Active receives alert and Passive don't.

3. Contact List

This list shows you both active and passive contacts. Fields explained below.

  • First field represents the contact type by the shown icon
  • Second field shows the Name of the contact
  • Third field shows the To field of the contact
  • Fourth field is a toggle switch which shows you the current status of this contact and allows you to change it when you click on it.
  • Fifth field is a button which gives you option to delete the contact.