1. General

This page shows you lists that shows active licenses and your purchase history. We have 2 tabs you can switch between.

  • Active Licenses
  • Purchase History

2. Active Licenses Tab

This tab gives you 2 boxes show you total numbers and a list for active licenses and licenses about to expire. 

Boxes shows Health Check licenses and Deep Check licenses active in total at the moment.

The list has 4 fields.

  • First field shows you Product Name. Only Health Check licenses are sold at this moment but in the future it will have 3 different values. 
    • Health Check
    • Deep Check
    • Load Test
  • Second field shows you Purchase date of this license.
  • Third field shows you the expire date of each license.
  • Forth field shows you the auto renew status of the license. It is also a toggle button so you can disable auto renew for each license you have in this list.

3. Purchase History

This tab lists you all store checkouts you did. Each box represents a check out you did in our store. 

Box fields explained below.

  • Purchase ID is the first data field in each box. It consists of numbers ,d chars and dashes.
  • Billing address is your billing address during the check out. They are stored for each purchase so if you change it after the purchase this data won't be effected.
  • Purchased at shows you when you finished your purchase.
  • Total is the total amount you paid including tax.
  • Items list has 3 fields
    • First field is name of the product
    • Second is the quantity of the product
    • Third is the total amount you paid for that product including tax