1. General

Account page gives you opportunity to edit / view information about your account. You have 2 sections in this form that should be explained.

2. General Section

This section has 5 fields which is explained below.

  • Email is not possible to change after you register so this field is disabled.
  • Full Name is your full name which should display the First and the Last Name you entered when you registered
  • Address is your residence address and just stored for informational purposes in case we need it
  • Billing Address is the address which will show up on your invoices
  • Newsletter is a toggle switch which you can change if you want to receive or not our newsletters

3. Reset Password Section

This section has 3 fields that are pretty generic. If you don't fill any of these fields your password will not reset. If you want to reset your password you need to fill in all 3 fields. Fields are explained below.

  • Current password is pretty self explanatory which is your active password at that moment
  • New password it the password you want to change to
  • New password confirm is the new password you want to change to. You fill it in twice to make sure you did not make any typos.